More About DBD

Director and owner Wendy Green has been working in the events industry for over 10 years and started her second career in this industry in her mid-thirties, after successfully graduating from full time education with a degree in Events and Facilities Management. Wendy has a wealth of experience and knowledge which is attributed from delivering a wide range of events globally across multiple industry sectors, ranging between 10 - 1200 people. Prior to forming Days by Design Limited, Wendy has gained years of invaluable experience working for global and award winning agencies in various roles including Project Manager / Senior Project Manager and Account Manager. As an Account Manager Wendy successfully managed a team of Project Managers and Project Executives in addition to managing and developing key client accounts within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry. Over the years this has provided Wendy with a wealth of experience and excellent industry knowledge that is respected, trusted and valued by clients and suppliers.


Days by Design predominantly work with our clients on an event consultancy basis. We prefer to see ourselves as an extension of your team working closely with you to understand and deliver your event and budget objectives. From a cost perspective, DBD are completely transparent and only charge clients for the time work on each project. Depending on your preference, we can either charge time at a daily rate pro rata for an Event Consultant / Project Manager on a pro rata basis or alternatively DBD will charge an event management fee for each project based on an agreed project Scope of Work and Activity Sheet agreed and signed by both parties. 

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