September 2015 ….everything is set to take place in Birmingham, the planning process underway and everyone working towards this year’s Pride Awards being held in Birmingham. Following the huge success from the previous year, when the Awards were held at held at the Giant Screen, Millennium Point and the Sky Bar Hotel Indigo, Birmingham was the city of choice to host the Awards again in 2015…..

Fast forward to early October 2015 and all change …… internal cut backs has a major impact on the event and the brief has changed significantly, resulting in the event being moved lock stock and barrel to the client’s operational site in the North East of England. Not a problem is the immediate response from all suppliers with the knowledge of knowing that we can use the site’s in-house conference suite facilities for the Awards part of the evening. We were already aware of the challenges that we needed to overcome with delivering a live event, especially the build-up days, on the client’s operational site, with over 2,000 employees. The real challenge for the project team was to deliver an event with the same ‘Wow’ factor as previous years, with a heavily reduced budget and without making the after-show event look like a disco in a Deli Bar! Most importantly, it was imperative that this was done without causing any disruption to the site and its employees! But we wouldn’t be in this crazy industry if we didn’t thrive on challenges and the odd curve ball here and there. We managed to overcome all these factors and deliver the event on budget with the Deli Bar transformed from a ‘day to day’ fully operational site restaurant to a stylish Nightclub within 24hrs, using intelligent lighting and a vast amount of fringe curtain panels, to creative the ambience that fit the brief. Furniture from around the building was utilised to create booth style seating areas. The main focus of the room was the main performance stage for a 6 piece Jazz Funk Band, The Pimptones and a funky house club DJ from North East DJ to finish off the evening. The conference suite was completely transformed for the Awards part of the evening and a fantastic job from the Production team - the room was unrecognisable …. A great event, enjoyed by all and a very happy client! 

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