‘TANKS-A-LOT’ - A unique team building activity that everyone was talking about weeks after the event...!

As part of their annual National Sales Meeting a pharmaceutical client usually includes a team building activity within their three day programme, and this year, they wanted to do something different to anything else that they had done previously.

After exploring numerous options we came up trumps with a Tanks Experience Team Building activity run by a company called ‘Tanks-A-Lot’ who are based near Brackley, Northamptonshire. When we arrived at Spring Farm, for a site inspection, we were greeted by 2 full size military tanks positioned at the entrance, so we definitely knew were at the right place! As we walked around the site, it looked more like a military site for training exercises and the main hub where participants congregate on arrival for their briefing and refreshments, looks like a film set from M*A*S*H!

On live event day, participants still had no idea what was in store for them on their off-site team building day and initally they were sent off on a treasure hunt around the hotel and grounds to find clues that would eventually provide them with a SatNav post-code of where they had to drive to. As soon as each team had found all the clues, the postcode was verified and they were given a basic map showing a target of where they had to reach. The day kicked off when everyone arrived and were split into 4 teams (10 per team) and it was time to get kitted out with camouflage overalls, wellies and more importantly get creative with the Cam Paint! Over the next four hours each team had to complete activities for points that went towards a final team score. The battle plan activities included a Russian Grozdilka (Massive V8 turbo powered gun tank), Radio Control Boat Shooting (fast and furious), Combat Engineer Tank (fast, fully amphibious with a massive bucket), Springer (British Army beach buggy with a superb suspension and a fast drive) and finally the Bren Gun Strip Challenge (a challenging activity based purely on communication skills and not as straightforward as you initially might think)!

At the end of the day the team with the highest score then got to take part in the finalie car crush involving a saloon car with a 56 ton Chieftain Battle Tank. The aim was to put one track straight up the centre of the car and flatten it leaving the driver’s door open! They didn’t quite achieve this but it was a fantastic finale to a superb day that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! If your clients haven’t experienced anything like this before, then it comes highly recommended! #Tanksalot #corporate team building

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